Our Church History


In 1955 Mount Carmel Christian Faith Center, Inc, initially began in a storefront location in Southwest D.C., under the name of New Mount Carmel Baptist Church. When the membership grew to the capacity of the building, the church ventured to its present location of 4100 Illinois Avenue, NW. At that time, the location was a very large framed house. Over the next several years, again the membership continued to grow under a message of faith and living in the integrity provided through the preached Word of God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The church also grew in outreach to the neighborhood and in the contributions through tithes and offerings. The Pastor, Bishop Raymond Jones, Sr., put a challenge to the membership, to erect a "new church building" at 4100 Illinois Avenue through paying tithes and offerings. After years of continual and increased giving, we accomplished our goal of providing the down payment for the new edifice. PRAISE GOD, ALL WAS ACCOMPLISHED.

The church was built and we marched in during the year of our Lord 1972. Our membership continued to grow the first year after the completion of the building. Approximately 100 plus people united with New Mt. Carmel that year. The Music Department was expanded with additional choirs, youth and ministerial programs were implemented, as well as a Christian Academy.

However, in 1992 the membership was reduced drastically and the church suffered financial hardship as we decreased from a consistent and solid membership. This time can be entitled as a time of "drought." During this drought roughly 20 to 25 members supported the finances of the church on a regular basis. Although money continued to enter the church, there was never a sufficient amount of money collected, for approximately 2 % to 3 years, to keep the church out of the "red."

During this time deliberate care was taken in paying all essential bills (gas, electric, telephone, mortgage, insurances and salaries) to keep the doors open and the ministry functioning. After enduring this time of "drought," in June of 1996 our membership as well as our financial outlook began to take on a different direction.

In 1996, Bishop Jones announced to the congregation that his successor as pastor would be Elder Coletta L. Jones, and the transition began that year under his supervision. Pastor Coletta Jones reiterated Bishop's vision for the church as a place where people could come to find new direction for their lives; however, Pastor Jones expanded the vision to include New Mount Carmel becoming a church that would enlarge their outreach ministry to encompass the surrounding neighborhoods. A monthly publication "The Disciple" and weekly broadcasts on a local radio station (Heaven 1580 AM) helped to accomplish
this task.

Under Pastor Jones' leadership the church's name has been changed to Mount Carmel Christian Faith Center, Inc. The name change is in line with the expanded vision for Mount Carmel to become a community oriented church. Developing ministry for people to receive their GED, counseling for unwed mothers, job training for unemployable individuals, food, clothing (consignment shops), substance abuse rehabilitation, housing programs, etc. God's vision entails Mount Carmel not only serve our present location, but to work in the Northeast, D.C. in the area.

Until our present location is filled to capacity, we will continue to develop an outreach ministry for the Northwest community. Teaching people the Christian position that "If you don't work, you don't eat." We will concentrate on ministry that will enhance the whole man (body, soul and spirit) — from a person with a welfare mentality to a Godly individual applying the principals of God's Word to become a productive, employable, tax-paying individual who lives and raises their family to the glory and honor of God. We will encourage each other to invest in our people through entrepreneurship, mentorship, and education. Remove the welfare of our communities and the education of our children from the hands of the government and put it into the hands of responsible citizens of the community along with the assistance of the church.

As Our motto states: We are Rebuilding this City one Generation at a Time.