The Rock's Ministries

Our ministries are designed to reach those who are lost in this world. Our goal is to find the lost and spread the teachings of Christ in a way that everyone can understand. Our goal is for you to accept Christ and then apply is word to your life.

Celebrate Recovery - Bro. Dwain & Sis. Jackie Lynch

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ center recovery program for the purpose of deliverance from life's hurts, hang-ups, and habits. The ministry is based in 8 Principles and 12 Steps to lead you into a life of freedom. Go to:

Children's Ministry - Min. Wilma Vaughn

The Rock Christian Church vision for the Children/Youth Ministry is to teach and nuture each child/youth that is placed under the leadership of a Minister and Volunteer Team Leader.

The overall goal is to have each child/youth wanting a desire to discover God and Jesus Christ in a personal way, leavng an eternal imprint of God's love and grace on his or her life

Education Ministry - Sis. Tiffany Dyson

The Educational Ministry serves to teach souls how to belong, grow, and serve, into what God has intended. Through exciting classes and experiences individuals learn the truth about themselves. "Then you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free." (John 8:32")

Media Ministry - Bro. Grayson & Sis. Nickisha Orphe

The Media Ministry is responsible for all creative aspects of service. From overhead projection to graphics and photography. This ministry provides a creative outlet for all those who have talent and have been called to use it for the glory of God.

Ministry Development Center - Min. Lisa Lee

The Ministry Development Center is a ministry where members of the Rock Christian Church will come to be encouraged; and to get motivated to work in ministry in God's house. We are here to provide you with counseling, so that you can discover your gift(s) that God has put in you; and to help you to understand why you do what you do, when you have strong passion for something you love doing. God wants us to be able to serve one another because the Rock Christian Church is a purpose driven church. And each person has been saved with a purpose in life.

Praise Team - Sis. Laquanda Turner

To usher people into the presence of God by offering up praise and worship through song. Also move the very heart of God and change the very heart of man. That God's mercy shall fall, healing water flows, deliverance, salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit be poured out.

Tape & Sound Ministry - Bro. Garry Jones 

An outreach ministry to create a bridge for those who can't make it to church on sunday's or tuesday's. We also record all messages for distribution and archiving.